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Unit Title: Licence to perform rigging intermediate levelUnit Code: CPCCLRG3002AUnit Status: Current

Intermediate Rigging Pricing


- $ 769.00

WorkSafe Licence Fee

- $ 74.55 if you hold a current WA High Risk licence


- $ 95.00 if you do not hold a current WA High Risk licence

Intermediate Rigging Dates

Mon 29
7:45am-May 1
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Mon 13
7:45am-May 15
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Mon 27
7:45am-May 29
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Mon 10
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Mon 24
7:45am-Jun 26
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Mon 8
7:45am-Jul 10
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Mon 22
7:45am-Jul 24
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Mon 5
7:45am-Aug 7
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Mon 19
7:45am-Aug 21
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Mon 2
7:45am-Sep 4
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Mon 16
7:45am-Sep 18
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Tue 1
7:45am-Oct 3
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Mon 14
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Mon 28
7:45am-Oct 30
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Our dates are below - you can click on any of the dates below to book online, or you can click the more info button above to contact us before making your booking.

About the Course:

Our Intermediate Rigging course is for those who need a High Risk Work Licence for intermediate rigging (RI class) issued from WorkSafe WA. Our intermediate rigging course is delivered in 3 days.

Course Information:

  • Duration – 3 days at our training venue (plus homework during the course)
  • Method – face-to-face training, plus homework
  • This unit of competency is nationally recognised, those who complete this course successfully will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for CPCCLRG3002A Licence to perform rigging intermediate level
  • Successfully completion also leads to an Intermediate Rigging (RI class) High Risk Work Licence with WorkSafe WA

What the course covers:

  • How to plan for the job, identifying and controlling hazards,
  • How to select and inspect the appropriate rigging equipment
  • How to set up the task, inspecting ground suitability and determining all forces and loads associated with erecting and dismantling structures
  • How to erect and dismantle structures and plant to appropriate standards

Entry Requirements:

Candidates must already hold a current High Risk Work Licence for Basic Rigging (RB class) OR a have a current Notice of Assessment for RB issued by a WorkSafe Assessor (The Basic Rigging Licence or Notice of Assessment can be from another Australian state/territory)

In addition, candidates MUST;

  • Have good verbal and written understanding of the English language (this is a WorkSafe WA requirement)
  • Be 18 years of age or over
  • Bring 2 forms of identification (1 x primary, 1 x secondary)
  • Bring 2 passport photos (ONLY IF YOU DO NOT hold a current WA High Risk Work Licence)
  • Wear safety boots

Learning Support:

While a good verbal and written understanding of English is required, we can make some adjustments if candidates have learning difficulties or language, literacy and numeracy issues. We don’t want anyone to be disadvantaged or feel unsupported; if you think you may need learning support, please contact us to confidentially discuss your situation so you can decide if we are the right training provider for you.

Course Location:

The course is conducted at our training venue in Rockingham – Unit 1, 8 Day Road, East Rockingham, Western Australia


We are that confident in our training materials and the ability of our trainers that we offer A FULL, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don't pass the tests to get your qualification.  Try and find another training centre that will match that - we bet you can't!

Why do we offer this?  It's simple - you are forking out your hard earned cash and putting your faith into our trainers and our training materials.  How can you be sure we are good at what we do unless we put our money where our mouth is?  That's why we do it - we believe our trainers and materials are that good.

We recognise that not everyone learns the same way, or at the same speed.  That's why we are different - take the time that YOU need, to learn the way YOU feel is best for you.

Oh, don't think we just pass everyone to avoid having to give money back, it doesn't work like that.  You still need to put the effort in.  If we think you aren't putting the effort in, we'll refund sooner (most likely after the 1st attempt).  Do we lose money because of this - absolutely we do - but at the end of the day, we have a strong reputation for our quality training courses and that's the way it will stay.

​We are more than a "one size fits all" training centre - everyone is different, right?  Some people are nervous, others are confident they will "smash it out" and get it done in no time.  Our trainers are well aware of this and will put the experienced people through the practical tasks first so that those who have less experience or confidence can "watch and learn" before jumping in and having a go.  This gives the inexperienced people more time to learn, and more time to practice - meaning more time to gain confidence and experience before doing their test.


All this talk is great, but what does the training centre look like?  Here are a couple of images to give you an idea of the environment you will be doing your training in.

KG Training building

The building

KG Training Classroom

Inside a classroom

The Story So Far...

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee 
    We put our money where our mouth is because we believe in our quality.
  • Flexible Learning Options
    We are all about YOU.  We recognise your experience, or help with your confidence, or both! 
  • Our trainers are employees, not contractors
    Ever been trained by someone who doesn't care?  It sucks.  You won't find that issue here.
KG Training Logo

About KG Training

KG Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) - Provider Number 52112.  This means we are registered with the Training Accreditation Council so you can be sure we are legitimate.

Our trainers literally have decades of experience in industry, which means they know what it is like to be in your shoes.  They are all down to earth people who enjoy a laugh and a joke whilst providing a professional service to you.  I mean, all work and no play isn't very exciting!

If You've Come This Far, You Must Be Keen

So, you have made it a fair way down the page but haven't booked yet.  This means you must be really keen to do the course, but something is holding you back.  While we aren't sure what is holding you back, here's a few things that may help put your mind at ease.

Is your 100% Money Back Guarantee Real?

Absolutely it is!  You are paying for a service, and that service is being trained with the ultimate goal of getting your Intermediate Rigging Licence.  Why should you pay if we aren't good enough to train you?  Other training centres will try and tell you that you have to pay for extra training.  They only tell you that so they can charge you more.  You are paying us to learn - if we don't teach properly, you don't pay - it's that simple!

Do I Really Get To Do The Training 3 Times If I Need It?

You bet you do!  Most people don't need it, but we all know that sometimes when you are doing a test you might forget things because you put yourself under pressure to pass!  Most people put this pressure on themselves because they have parted with their hard earned cash to sit the course and of course you don't want to blow your money!  This is why we offer 3 sittings on the course for the one price - we know that being an adult and having to come back to "school" can be a bit sucky, so we try and take all the pressure off you - and we do this by having quality trainers and quality training materials.

Is There Really Different Ways I Can Learn The Material?

Totally!  Many training centres take a "one size fits all" approach because it is cheaper and faster for them.  That's right - not you, but them.  We are revolutionising the way training is done by giving you the choice in how you want to learn.  It's your money, so it should be your way.  Sound fair?

Advantages vs Disadvantages Of Using KG Training

OK - now you might be thinking "what's the catch".  We don't think there are any, but here's what we came up with:

The Pros List

  • Trainers with decades of experience means quality learning
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Flexible delivery of the training material to make your life easier
  • We adapt to your experience, learning ability or lack of confidence
  • Professional organisation that knows how to make learning enjoyable
  • A stress free environment - we work with you, not against you.  You are stumping up the cash after all!

The Cons List

  • If you are blatantly lazy, we aren't for you...
  • We don't hand out tickets like lollies...
  • You might be able to save a few bucks on the headline rate elsewhere - but watch out for the fine print...
  • We do expect you to learn, after all, isn't that what you are paying us for...?
  • YES! - we do things "right" but that means your ticket is never at risk of being knocked back or cancelled due to dodgy training...  And yes, this has happened because of other training providers before!


100% Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't get your qualification within 3 attempts, we'll give you a refund with no hard feelings.